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E-Bill: paperless billing!

When you sign up for E-Bill from Newmarket Tay Power Distribution, we’ll send you an email when your monthly bill is ready to view online. You’ll no longer receive a paper bill by mail.

To get E-Bill, you’ll need to set up an online account with us first.

E-Bill starts with your online account

It’s easy to set up your online account and takes only a few minutes. You’ll need to have a recent copy of your bill handy. (If you already have an online account, you can skip right to the next section.)

  1. Click on the My Account tab at the top of this page, and select the Enable Account Access link.
  2. Enter the account information requested (it’s on your bill) and follow the prompts to create your online account.
  3. Once you have registered for your online account, you’re ready to sign up for E-Bill.


When you sign up for E-Bill, you are notified by email as soon as your bill is ready. No more waiting for it to be delivered by mail. Never miss a payment because a bill gets lost. And say goodbye to the clutter of paper bills and envelopes lying around. At your own confidential and secure "Billing & Payments" archive, you can access your bills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all in one place. You can even download a copy of your bill as a PDF and save it wherever you store your bills.

What does great with E-Bill? Pre-authorized payment options

If you like the convenience and simplicity of E-Bill, you might want to consider a pre-authorized payment plan (PAP) and avoid the hassles of paying the electricity bill. With PAP, you don’t have to remember when the bill is due, and there are never any late fees.

Our pre-authorized payment plans offer you two choices: equal or actual payments. Your bank account is debited monthly for either the same "equal payment" (the fixed monthly amount) or the "actual payment" (the exact amount of your monthly bill).

For more details about PAP, visit us at www.nmhydro.ca and select the link Sign up for Pre-Authorized Payment. Or download and complete the Pre-authorized payment plan (PAP) options form and send it to us.